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ISO 14090 Tailored Training

ISO 14090 – Adaptation to Climate Change: Principles, Requirements and Guidelines (published July 2019)

We provide the first ever training courses on the adaptation to climate change international standard targeted training courses on ISO 14090. The standard is not a council of perfection; it takes a continuous improvement approach. It guides the understanding of current strengths and opportunities. It enables organisations to efficiently build on current practice to develop the adaptive practice the organisation needs to manage the climate change risks and opportunities that it has identified.

The strength of Climate Sense training:  The Climate Sense team led and played a key part in developing the standard and are now leading its implementation.

For more insight into how ISO14090 provides value for you, check out Best practice in climate change adaptation – are you climate ready?

Who is the training aimed at?  The training is of value to those in your organisation with interest and responsibility for adaptation outcomes, as well as courses designed to train trainers.

What will the training give them?  Participants will become familiar with the full range of steps required for effective climate adaptation as described by the standard.

See our dedicated climate adaptation training website for more information.

Embedding Training into Practice Through Coaching

Training is intended as part of a programme to change practice. What training does well is to give the information needed to change our practice. Gaining knowledge and changing what is done are completely different processes. How well change actually happens depends both on the quality of the training and on what happens after training has ended.

With training alone, there is often a brief increase in performance and then a dip leaving trainees remembering only 35% of what they learned after 12 months with most of that loss occurring in the first few weeks.

Training followed by coaching greatly increases the retention of training knowledge and more effectively changes actions on the basis of that knowledge by as much as 40%.

To enable trainees to get the best value from their training, Climate Sense’s Nick Pyatt leads a panel of qualified business coaches to enable more effective change in practice resulting from Climate Sense’s high quality training.

ISO 14090 Training Modules

This three module programme is designed to equip people that take all three modules to guide the roll-out of adaptation practice in an organisation in line with ISO14090. Each module also stands alone; Module 1 covers all steps in developing and implementing an effective climate adaptation plan. Modules 2 and 3 give more detail on how to implement the steps.

Module 1: A comprehensive introduction to climate adaptation: ISO14090 – Adaptation to Climate Change: Principles, Requirements and Guidelines
This module is relevant whether you are just starting on adaptation or already have a mature adaptation plan. This module gives participants an overview of the contents of the ISO 14090 standard and what is needed to implement it. Those undertaking this module will understand the requirements, recommendations and guidelines enshrined in this international best practice standard.

Module 2: Climate Risk Profiling: impact, vulnerability and thresholds assessment
This module covers the assessment of climate impacts on an organisation, both positive and negative. It shows how to consider wider issues – cross-cutting (systemic) issues, with examples of direct and indirect impacts. Topics include sourcing climate information, dealing with uncertainties, adaptive capacity and organisational capability.

Module 3: Assembling and mainstreaming adaptation plans
This module sets out the actions required to assemble an adaptation plan, building upon outputs from activities addressed in Modules 1 and 2. In addition, it covers priorities, policy and strategic context, adaptation actions, implementation and embedding adaptation into the organisation.

For further details and queries, including pricing, please do get in touch through our contact page.

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