UK Climate Change Risk Assessment (CCRA)

Identifying the Risks to the UK Economy from Climate Change

Country: UK

The CCRA Evidence Report set out the main risks and opportunities for the UK arising from climate change.

The CCRA was designed to be used to:

  • Compare the risks posed by a changing climate over the next 80 years and to prioritise and compare these risks
  • Provide evidence to support, primarily government, but also businesses, local authorities and other organisations, in making decisions on adaptation policies and actions

The report set out the main priorities for adaptation in the UK under five key themes identified in the CCRA Evidence Report: Natural Environment; Buildings & Infrastructure; Health & Wellbeing; Business & Services; and Agriculture & Forestry and describes the policy context in each area.

This work laid the foundations for strengthening the National Adaptation Plan and provided the parameters for cost benefit analysis, to be conducted on adaptive action options for the UK.


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