Capacity of Implementing Partners To Manage Climate and Environmental Risk

Guidance to Identify DFID Partners’ Capacity to Manage Climate & Environmental Risks

Country: Global

The planned scale and duration of impact that DFID expects its activities to have often leaves them vulnerable to the activity being knocked off course by changing external factors, such as; climate change and other environmental changes. In these cases, DFID recognised that their core Due Diligence process needed additional steps for establishing the suitability of potential partners for managing climate and environmental risk.

Climate Sense’s experience of capacity assessment was used to to develop a guide for DFID staff and others in the development community. This was commissioned under the DFID Evidence on Demand programme managed by DAI

A guide entitled “Capacity of Implementing Partners To Manage Climate and Environmental Risk” was developed using metrics based on CaDD. The guide was made available online and in hard copy.

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