Capacity Development Coaching Programme on Adaptation to Climate Change in the Kyrgyz Republic Water Sector

Managing Long Term Climate Change Pressures in the Kyrgyz Republic Water Sector

Country: Kyrgyz Republic


The Kyrgyz Republic is a major supplier of water for domestic and international use. Climate projections on which the national adaptation strategy are developed assume a reduction in water flow by between 5%-40% by the middle of the century.

Together MWH and Climate Sense are developing the climate adaptation capacity of the (waste) water sector in Kyrgyzstan.

Climate Sense is supporting the development of resilience in the Kyrgyz water sector by:

  • Developing Adaptation Pathways for 16 water companies and the Municipalities that control them that identify the actions that will enable the companies to provide effective water supply and waste management sector
  • Using that analysis to review the national policy and investment strategies for achieving climate resilience in the sector in order to support:
    • The newly restructured Gosstroy to implement its water sector regulation role and,
    • Financiers for the sector to review their financing strategy in the light of current and required impacts of their finance on climate resilience.
  • Using CaDD adaptation capacity assessments of the 16 water companies and their Municipalities to produce capacity development plans
  • Providing a coaching programme for key decision makers in the water companies to implement their capacity development plans.

The project is being implemented in partnership with MWH who are providing: water specialists, climate modelling, stakeholder engagement, policy analysis and training.

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